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We offer personalized K9 training services to meet YOUR goals!

  • Service Dog Training
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  • Specialize in Small Dogs
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Why Us

At DOGI.DOG we focus on excellence and offering first class services to you and your pup. We will work with you to understand your needs and build a training plan that meets your goals. Rather than adhering to a single philosphy, we customize our tools and methods to suit your dogs needs while respecting your choices. When you decide to leave your family member with us, we make sure to keep you posted with regular status updates too. You will even have access to our private handling lessons to build on your existing handling skills.

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Public access training
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How Does It Work

The approach is often built over first few sessions and depends on your preferences and how your furry friend respond to different types of communication. We do not shy away from using tools, but understand that in many cases softer methods produce better results.

We offer what is known as LIMA training. LIMA stands for “Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive”. This means that we will always begin with positive methods and reinforcements such as food or toys, and gradually employ other strategies if needed.

Just like every owner is an individual, every dog is their own dog. For that reason, lesson plans are highly tailored to meet both of your needs. Adjustments to methods or tools can be made at any point, and we will always make sure you and your dog are confident and enjoying working together.


  • Specialize in handling small dogs
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During the one hour consultation we will get to know you and build a roadmap based on your and your dogs needs. The consultation is best done in your home, but we can meet at other locations, or even Zoom based on your needs. We will ask questions to get the conversation going but allow you to lead with your concerns. We will discuss various options and find a plan that will work for you and your dog.

Private Lessons

A private lesson is typically one to two hours in length, and we often include homework to enhance your dogs learning. At each lesson we will review homework, guide you in potentially challenging areas, and make adjustments to the training plan as needed. As you and your dog progress we will add complexity to skills already learned, or introduce new ones based on our plan. These private lessons are intended to teach you how to handle your dog and give you the confidence to do so whether you're at home or taking your best buddy to the park.

Rescue Work

In addition to providing private training services, we work closely with Bug To The Rescue to give better life to rescued dogs. We strongly believe through love, decisive training and rehabilitation we will increase their chances to stay with adopters and become lifelong pets.


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We are located in Chandler, Arizona and serve our hometown as well as the neigboring areas.

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